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Professional Development Services

Our Professional Development Paradigm


Build Understanding

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to expand your knowledge is by reading. Stay up-to-date on new trends and innovations in your field as a great way to stay motivated.


Do Something

Identify a particular skill or ability and create a strategy on how you will implement it into your work. Build time into your schedule to practice the skill.


Engage With Others

Exchange thoughts, offer support and share best practices to grow in your own skills by learning from others and their experiences.


Think About It

Reflection is a great tool to use for professional development. Taking the time to think about your work, challenges and progress is extremely beneficial.


Learn More

Gaining new skills, ideas and knowledge plays an important role in job satisfaction and career development. Attend a workshop to learn best practices and the foundational theory on a particular topic. Engage with other colleagues to allow for the vital exchange of ideas and experiences. Take the opportunity to practice the concepts delivered in the session and discuss the ways in which they apply to your work allows you to determine their relevance and usefulness to you.


Get Connected

Utilizing technology to enhance your learning is convenient and flexible. You can augment instructor-led workshops, complete on-demand webinars or courses and get timely answers to your questions.

Building Competence


Cognitive Skills

Cognitive Skills include your ability to think critically and analyze, see the significance of observations and events, anticipate future events, problem solve, and select the best course of action.


Psychomotor Skills

Psychomotor Skills include your ability to perform physical tasks, such as using muscle memory to complete routine tasks, and your ability to develop skills through on the job training.


Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal Skills include your ability to work and interact with others, collaborate, and resolve conflict.

Companion to Champion Model

Your Professional Development Plan